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Hannah Perry
November 25, 2020 | Hannah Perry

Classic Italian Reds


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Classic Italian Reds: 2017 Sangiovese & 2018 Nebbiolo


Sangiovese is Italy's most planted grape and is the pride and joy of the Tuscan region. Sangiovese grapes take on new flavors and different stylists expressions based on where it grows. The high acidity in this wine makes it optimal for pairings with spice driven foods like tomato, red pepper pizza!


Nebbiolo grapes can date back as far as the 13th century and carries a big punch of tannins. This punchy red would pair nicely with foods that feature fat, butter or olive oil. Classic rustic Italian food is excellent with this wine of course, but so is hearty and savory Asian-inspired cuisine!


2017 Sangiovese




Sangiovese is a staple Italian varietal, inspiring our winemaker to tip his hat to his family's Italian lineage of winemaking roots




An abundance of tart cherries on the nose and palate, open to nuances of earthiness and tea leaves, with a finish off medium tannins and racy acidity. PairingPizza, pasta, any tomato-based Italian cuisine, Mafia-inspired movies, fresh burrata cheeses, and good friends! Salud!


2017 Sangiovese

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2018 Nebbiolo




A harmonious dance between rich, ripe fruit and smooth vanilla flavors.




Rich berries with subtle vanilla on the nose. Strong tannis - but soft fruit - on the palate, with a lingering taste of cranberry.



2018 Nebbiolo

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Hannah Perry
November 24, 2020 | Hannah Perry

Forbidden Fruit from the Forbidden Desert



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From Farm to Table, a Generational Family Business


Jornada del Muerto, or Journey of the Dead Man, is a dry desert basin in New Mexico where the Forbidden Desert Vineyard resides (one of the oldest vineyards in the state). Some of the best grapes in the world are harvested here, and we are proud to say the farm is owned and operated by Noisy Water Winery. The area remains uninhabited and undeveloped to this day, except for our patch of grape vines that produce unexpectedly abundant and healthy harvests even in the harsh heat and dryness. Winemaking is in our blood, as we are 5th generation farmers, so you can expect that each grape is nurtured and loved, especially by Uncle Richard, the Vineyard Manager who is pictured above. Our goal is for you to be able to taste the dedication in our wine!



Nuevo Verde & Wild Ferment Pinot Noir


These two wines come from grapes that are harvested at Engle Farms. In fact, our first harvest of grapes from this farm for the 2019 Wild Ferment Pinot Noir will be right in time for the holidays. The Nuevo Verde is a dry white that is crisp and refreshing and would be a great afternoon starter wine on any of the holidays. The 2019 Pinot Noir is bold and robust with notes of dark fruit. This would pair perfectly with a prime rib or grilled salmon.


2019 Nuevo Verde


What is Vinho Verde?


Vinho Verde refers to Portuguese wine that translates as "young wine". Typically released three to six months after the grapes are harvested, which can be red, white or rose. Nuevo Verde is our homage to the great Vinho Verdes of Portugal with our own NWW New Mexican twist.


Winemaker's Notes:


A meaningful first harvest for us after taking on a neglected vineyard, and breathing new life into dying vines. Citrus backbone, bright, fruity, and easily paired with or without dinner.

2019 Nuevo Verde
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2019 Old Vine Pinot Noir


Winemaker's Notes:


Remarkable old vine fruit, harvested by hand in our vineyard. Natural yeast of the area to start fermentation in a very atypical fashion. Allowing the indigenous strains of yeast to do the work, this wine was made the way wine was made in New Mexico nearly 400 years ago.




This wine showcases beautiful New Mexican fruit and indigenous yeast


2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir
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Hannah Perry
November 23, 2020 | Hannah Perry

The Most Popular White Wine In The World



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Why do we love Chardonnay?


Chardonnay is so popular because it is so versatile! A huge variety of flavors and styles develop in the wines produced from this grape. 


The Commonalities & Differences Between Our Reserve and Skin Fermented Chardonnays:


The Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay is aged in a new oak barrel and through this process, the oak imparts flavors into this wine like vanilla, caramel and butter. The Skin Fermented  Chardonnay, or Orange Chardonnay, is also made from chardonnay grapes, but unlike the reserve, the skins on these grapes are not removed during fermentation, which results in a delicate balance of plump apricot and heavy floral notes. This classic reserve and golden-hued beauty are definitely one for the books. 



2018 Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay




Finding the perfect balance of butter and oak: A Chardonnay for all Chardonnay drinkers to love. 




Citrus and stone fruit on the nose, a toasted and buttery middle with a smokey vanilla finish


2018 Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay



  Regularly $27.00/bottle

2019 Skin Fermented Chardonnay


Winemaker's Notes:


A meaningful first harvest for us after taking on a neglected vineyard, and breathing new life into dying vines and get beautiful fruit from 30+ year old vines! Nuances of butter and quince bring out the depth of this gorgeous old-vine chardonnay


2019 Skin-Fermented Chardonnay

  Regularly $30.00/bottle
Hannah Perry
November 22, 2020 | Hannah Perry

Get Down & Dirty!


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2017 Dirty Pinot Noir & 2018 Dirty  


What is a "dirty" wine?

"Dirty" wine means that it is minimally filtered and that Mother Nature did most of the work. That means there is minimal intervention that goes into producing them, and sometimes you will find a little bit of sediment at the bottom of your glass, which is perfectly okay! Wine that is less filtered is more natural, authentic and gets back to the roots of winemaking.


Why do we love Mother Nature's wine?


The most defining part of a wine that has minimal intervention is that they are more complex with many more layers and flavor surprises. They are diverse, surprising and merry to the max- the perfect wine for this holiday season.


2017 Dirty Pinot Noir




Dirty Pinot Noir is more of an Old World style. “Old World” refers to those countries where wine first flourished, namely Western or Central European Countries and others around the Mediterranean basin and near the East.




It's medium bodied, with a jammy fruit structure, smoky undertones and a tannic finish. It's unfiltered. Raw. Earthy. New. It's the guilty pleasure that changes your perspective on wine, and maybe even life.


2018 Dirty



Hints of black currant and blackberry fill the air as you swirl your glass. Fig and an earthy note of smoke create a mesmerizing middle. Cedar and light tobacco meet on the tail end to finish off a magically dirty experience!




20% Merlot, 15% Syrah, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Petit Verdot, 15% Mourvedre, 10% Sangiovese, 10% Malbec


2018 Dirty


Hannah Perry
November 15, 2020 | Hannah Perry

Holiday Wine Guide





A Field Guide Pt 1




There are 4 components that traditionally go into a Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. PROTEIN: Turkey or ham
  2. ROASTED DISHES: Green bean casserole, or anything baked in the oven
  3. DRY SPICES: Cinnamon, clove, dried herbs
  4. WINTER FRUIT AND VEGETABLES: Squash, Brussel sprouts, onion, cranberry and potato


When you start to think about all of the ingredients that go into making Thanksgiving dinner, you begin to eliminate wines that possess flavors that are opposite of the flavors you would taste in your feast! Ideally, the goal is to match similar or complimenting flavors found in your meal and in wine! A dry red wine, for example, mirrors those similar flavors like nutmeg and dark fruits that are more in line with the flavor profiles in the entree of your meal.


We recommend a Pinot Noir, Zinfandel or a Barbara/ Gamay blend:




Pumpkin Pie is a staple dessert at Thanksgiving and is the perfect fall holiday treat. The mulling spices and honeyed fruit flavors found in sweeter white wines pairs up well with the rounder flavor of pumpkin and can handle the fall spices.


We recommend the 2019 Moscato and 2019 Gewürztraminer


Don't gamble on a cute label at the grocery store: keep your wine rack stocked with your favorite small producer!



Hannah Perry
November 12, 2020 | Hannah Perry

How To Taste Wine & Develop Your Palate Like a Pro

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

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4 Steps to Tasting Wine:


1: LOOK. Give your glass of wine a visual inspection in neutral light. Check out the color, opacity and viscosity.


2: SMELL. Identify aromas by swirling your wine 3 or 4 times to let the aromatic compounds of the wine mix with the air. Think big to small. Ask yourself are there fruits? What kind of fruits? Tropical? Orchard?

  • You can divide the aroma of a wine into three separate categories: Primary Aromas are where you find fruit, herb and floral notes. Secondary Aromas originate from winemaking practices (fermentation, etc). And Tertiary Aromas come from aging, usually in a bottle or an oak barrel. These aromas are mostly nutty, vanilla, baking spices and cedar.


3: TASTE. Assess the taste structure of the wine. Is it sour, sweet, bitter? Pay attention the the texture of the wine. We perceive wine as richer than water and we can also detect tannins with our tongues, which is that drying sensation you get from dry red wines. When tasting wine, there is a beginning, middle and end finish, so focus in on how the wine tastes as it moves through your mouth.


4: THINK. What conclusion have you drawn about the wine? Was it unique or memorable? Were there any characteristics that stood out to you?


Let's put the 4 steps to the test.


2016 Curtain Call


1. LOOK. Deep purple color. Saturation and density are heavy and is full-bodied.


2: SMELL. Heavy dark orchard fruit. Primary aroma of black cherry and tertiary aromas of vanilla.


3: TASTE. Pitted fruits and blackberries. Silky smooth beginning and mid-palate, finishes bone dry.


4: THINK. The deep and dark fruits are complimented by a slight vanilla aroma and flavor which balances the flavors. Perfect wine to pair with performing arts, or any reason for a curtain call.



Don't gamble on a cute label at the grocery store: keep your wine rack stocked with your favorite small producer!



Hannah Perry
November 5, 2020 | Hannah Perry




N U E V O  N O U V E A U

30 million bottles of wine are shipped out around the world within 60 days of grape harvest from eastern France’s Beaujolais region.


Released on the third Thursday of November at 12:01 a.m. every year since 1951

Sound impossible? Hardly. We have a bottle just for you.

New Beginnings

As the name implies, Nuevo (Beaujolais) Nouveau, is "new" - young, that is - and is bottled less than two months after crushing the grapes.


In the 1950s, winemakers began competing each year in a race to deliver the first bottles to Paris, and before we knew it the competition had been pushed and publicized enough that the harvest and distribution of this wine is now celebrated all over the world at exactly midnight on the third Thursday of November, when it is legal to pop a bottle open.



Fresh, youthful and vibrant with lush, juicy aromas of grape, raspberry, fig, banana, and cranberries. This is as close as you can get to drinking wine straight from the vine.




A superb match for turkey, right in time for Thanksgiving.



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