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Chelsie Pickard
November 21, 2019 | Chelsie Pickard

5 Quirky Wines To Take To This Years Holiday Party

The holiday season is full of gift-giving parties, whether it’s your annual office party or a White Elephant exchange with your family. If you’re looking for gift inspiration for these festivities, we’ve got you covered! These 5 quirky wines sure to make your holiday party a memorable one. 
Unbearably Good

Why You Should Bring It: Unbearably Good features a spicy blackberry and raspberry middle with a slight herbaceous spice on the finish.
Who To Give It To: Any “outdoorsy” type who enjoys the thrill of adventure, nature, and the wilderness. 
Rose Heyyy

Why You Should Bring It: Rose Heyyy is a dry rosé with a floral nose and raspberry notes to taste. The slight strawberry finish makes this wine a hard one to put down!  
Who To Give It To: Your Pinterest-obsessed friend or anyone who isn’t afraid to dance (occasionally on the bar) like no one is watching!
Tighty Whitey White

Why You Should Bring It: Tighty Whitey White is a throwback to the humble beginnings of Noisy Water Winery, when all we had was our tighty whities and a couple of oak barrels. The label features our winemakers posing  in their tighty whities and it’s an International Gold Medal Winner!

Who to Give it To: Pinot Grigio drinkers are sure to love this semi-dry, crisp wine with notes of honey, peach, and a hint of spice on the finish. This wine is worth a try -- even for those who prefer boxers over briefs. 
Big Legs Red

Why You Should Bring It: This semi-dry red is named after the streaks of wine that fall down the side of your glass after it’s been swirled. A delicious jammy-cherry middle is followed by a finish that’s savory and smooth as silk.

Who to Give It To: The person in your life who is up for anything, just like this delicious red that can be paired with any meal or snack. 
El Cabron Viejo

Why You Should Bring It: This dry red blend has bold black pepper notes with a finish of velvet and smoke. 
Who To Give It To: The grouch that works in the office next to you or your cranky friend/family member. This wine is an ode to the people who make us want to drink!
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David Furer
November 13, 2019 | David Furer

Noisy Water Vineyards & Winery to Manage New Mexicos Engle Vineyard

"Management of New Mexico’s Engle vineyard, the state’s largest contiguous site with 75 acres in full production, has transferred from Precept Wine—owners of noted sparkling winery Gruet—to Ruidoso’s Noisy Water Vineyards & Winery"

...read the full article

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Chelsie Pickard
November 12, 2019 | Chelsie Pickard

Quick Tips For A Friendsgiving To Remember

Friendsgiving is meant to be a no-stress celebration of the season with your chosen family. It’s also the perfect time to express gratitude for your friends. While it’s usually held on the Wednesday before or after the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, the beauty of this holiday is that you and your friends make the rules! To ensure that your Friendsgiving celebration is fun and relaxing, we put together these quick tips for a party you and your crew will never forget. 
Have Guests Bring a Dish & a Drink to Share
Want a stress-free Friendsgiving? Have guests bring a dish and a beverage of their choice to share. You’re sure to have a great variety of food and drink choices by making it a potluck, and everyone contributes! You can even make a Facebook event page to send out Friendsgiving invites. On the page, you can delegate what sides are needed — that way you don’t end up with 4 of the same dish. If you need beverage choice inspo: Nebbiolo + turkey are a match made in heaven, while Petit Verdot goes well with ground beef burgers if you plan to keep your Friendsgiving simple.

Set the Mood With a Gratitude Playlist

Nothing sets the mood for an event better than the jams. Reflect the vibe you want your Friendsgiving to have with the playlist you choose. You could opt for some relaxing folk music or crank up the 90’s hip hop. Create your own playlist and include songs that you and your friends enjoy. You can also opt for a pre-made playlist, like this “Thanksgiving Dinner Playlist” on Spotify or this “Friendsgiving Feels” playlist on Apple Music. 
Offer a Pie Bar & Turn it Into a Bake-Off
Everyone knows that fall is basically pie season. Ask a couple of your guests to bring in their favorite Thanksgiving pie and set out a variety of toppings to go with each one. You can even turn it into a bake-off where everyone votes on the best one! The hazelnut and caramel flavors in our 2016 Alliance pair wonderfully with pecan pie. 
Craft a Signature Friendsgiving Drink
Create a signature Friendsgiving cocktail that you and your friends can enjoy year after year. Go for a recipe that features cinnamon for a fall-themed kick. You can also make a wine-based cocktail and name it after an inside joke instead. For example, here’s one of our wine-based cocktail recipes called “Riddle Me This,” which is named after our Head Winemaker and Owner. 
Riddle Me This
2.5 oz El Cabron + 2 dashes bitters + 3 cherries + 1 orange slice + 1 oz simple syrup
Muddle cherries and orange. Add 2 dashes of bitters. Mix simple syrup with a spoon. Add El Cabron Viejo. Top with ice and garnish with a fresh orange!

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Sam Freed
November 7, 2019 | Sam Freed

Novemer's BIG Wine of the Month!

After a short vacation, BIG LEGS RED is back and bigger than ever! It's the November WOTM and here to help you get ready for holiday company!  ‍‍‍
Big Legs Red
Big Legs Red
A crowd-pleasing nod to the streaks of beautiful red wine that trickle down the side of the glass after you swirl it around.
A dark-fruit-driven nose, explosive jammy-cherry middle, and a silk-smooth finish. A smooth fruity start and a medium body builds into a robust explosion of savory flavor thus leaving you longing for a second round.
Intentionally versatile, pair this red with any meal or snack. No matter when or where, Big Legs Red is up for anything.
Mark your calendar for BIG Savings at ALL Noisy Water Winery locations!
November 29th!
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