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Noisy Water Winery

Anne Cosgrove
November 8, 2023 | Anne Cosgrove

Business Facilities

New Mexico: Supporting Entrepreneurial Spirit

A fifth-generation winery, Noisy Water based in Ruidoso, NM, was recently awarded economic assistance to support an expansion of its production facilities that supply products to tasting rooms in Albuquerque, Red River, Cloudcroft, Alto, and Ruidoso, as well as distribution of wine across New Mexico and the U.S.

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Michael Bartiromo
August 30, 2023 | Michael Bartiromo

The Hill

The best winery in every state, according to Yelp

The analysts at Yelp have sorted through the platform’s databases to identify the top-rated wineries in each state. See the results, based on Yelp’s own user-generated reviews and ratings at the link here

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Tyler Wetherall
February 21, 2023 | Tyler Wetherall

Seven Fifty Daily

A Case Study in Growing an Emerging Wine State

From investing in education and grape-growing subsidies to galvanizing the winemaking community, New Mexico offers an example of rightsized growth. In 2029, New Mexico will celebrate 400 years since Mission grapes were first planted along the banks of the Rio Grande by Franciscan monks to make sacramental wine. It’s the oldest wine growing region in the U.S. and...

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Robin Shreeves
November 15, 2022 | Robin Shreeves

The Vintner Project

Noisy Water Winery’s Jasper Riddle is on a Mission To Save Farmers’ Water Rights in New Mexico

All of the surface water in New Mexico is allocated. Almost all of the groundwater in the state is spoken for, too. A new venture that needs water almost always has to purchase water rights from a person or business with an existing allocation. Often, it’s farmers selling and other industries buying. As farmers sell off their water rights, they’re setting up the state’s agriculture industry for a dry future. 

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Julian Dossett
September 14, 2022 | Julian Dossett

New Mexico Magazine

A Ruidoso Winery Is Making Noise

"I LIKE TO TELL PEOPLE I LEARNED TO MAKE WINE starting at the bottom of the bottle,” says Jasper Riddle, a longtime Ruidoso resident and owner of the Noisy Water Winery, which has expanded to six locations throughout New Mexico. The most recent, Noisy Water’s new tasting room in Ruidoso, opened in February in the lively midtown district packed with shops, restaurants, pubs, and galleries.

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Karen McDonald
March 19, 2022 | Karen McDonald

Farm Credit Agribusiness

Deep Roots & A Bright Future

Noisy Water Winery is helping revitalize New Mexico’s wine and grape industry.

You might not imagine a thriving wine industry in New Mexico, known for its high desert and rocky mesas. But the state’s sunny days and cool nights combine to produce abundant grapes for its 40-plus wineries.

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Laurie Wilson
February 25, 2022 | Laurie Wilson


Bring On the Heat: Chile Infusions Are Spicing Up the Wine Industry

"Variety is the spice of life, and wineries around the country continue to diversify from traditional winemaking by crafting unique wines with heat — especially great sips for the long, cold months."

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Hannah Perry
September 1, 2021 | Hannah Perry

September Newsletter


This month's newsletter gives you a sneak peek into what happens behind the scenes at Noisy, and is packed full of information about featured products, events and what's to come!



Harvest 2021 will officially be wrapping up this month after endless hours of working through the night, fixing grape harvesting machines and securing the fruits of our labor (literally.) Harvesting takes place usually during the night because daytime temperatures change the sugar composition of grapes, so picking at night when sugar levels are stable keeps surprises from happening during fermentation. 


We have started producing wines made with this year's harvest, so keep your eye out for brand new wines and new vintages to be rolled out here in a few months! Our goal is for you to always taste the love and personal care in our wines-we truly are passionate about our mastery of grapes. Once harvest is over, we will continue the cycle of taking care of the vines through the next few seasons and getting them prepped for next year's fruit. One way we are already prepping the vines is by doing post-harvest foliar feeds. All this does is give the soil and the plants a solid nutrient foundation for next season and helps keep everything healthy for when the vines go dormant later this year. 



Calling The Clean Up Crew:

We don't get every single grape from harvests, but any accidental leftovers are feeding the wildlife and the soil. Soon the vineyards will be picked clean, leaving us a clean slate of plots to work with.

Wine Of The Month:

2019 Wild Ferment Pinot Noir

strawberry • fig • blackberry

This wine showcases beautiful New Mexican fruit and indigenous yeast due to an atypical production process that lets the yeast do the work! This style of winemaking can be traced back to 400 years ago, making this bottle wise in its years. Notes of bright strawberry and blackberry are complimented with nuances of fig leaving you with a fruit forward satisfying finish.


-Take 35% Off Full Cases-

& 20% Off Half Cases of 2019 Wild Ferment Pinot Noir all month long





🍷  Wine Down Wednesdays 🍷


We all need a break sometimes. Especially in the middle of the week-when the weather is so nice and the wine is waiting to be poured. Come hang out with us at any of the Tasting Rooms every Wednesday and get:


Events & Live Music!


Grab a mat & come join us for yoga in Cloudcroft! Calm the mind and body with a yoga sequence designed to help reduce stress and tension.


Class led by Ashley Zuri and begins at 10 am at the Noisy Water Cloudcroft tasting room. $15 includes class and a drink!

Invite some friends and bring your mat to the clouds!





It's a Bubble Bash! Members and friends come out to the Cellar Uncorked deck to start your morning off right with our sparkling lineup! 


Mimosa bar with all 3 sparkling wines and breakfast style charcuterie!

Must accompany a wine club member to attend


LIVE MUSIC at Enchanted Vine


Enchanted Vine will be closed for private events on:

Saturday September 18th,

Thursday September 23rd,

Saturday September 25th




Join us Sunday, October 24th for a Wine and Paint Party at the Enchanted Vine featuring Callie Ann, the artist behind our Riesling Label!


Tickets are $50 and include art supplies, pre-traced canvas and drink ticket for the Silo bar. Buy your tickets early, limited tickets available at the door.




Gourmet Food of The Month:


This cold-pressed gourmet olive oil is infused with decadent black truffles- a type of edible fungi that tastes downright delicious and strikingly savory. They contain oaky, nutty and earthy flavors that are reminiscent of olives or mushrooms.


Unique Uses: Eggs, steak rub, chicken, pork, fish, risotto, pasta,seasoned mushrooms & onion toppings *Accompany with 25 Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar or Apple Balsamic Vinegar or pair with our wine of the months, the 2019 Wild Ferment Pinot Noir!

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Sam Freed
August 20, 2021 | Sam Freed

Team Favorites



 Featuring Charles and His Current Favorite Wine 


Charles has taken our brand new NWW location under his wing in Old Town Albuquerque, NM and it is officially open! This tasting room has been an ongoing project for quite a while and now we get to watch it shine.✨The new location occupies the building formerly known as the Basket Shop in the Don Luis Plaza. History is around every corner and that is one of the things we love about this plaza which was built in 1893! We've preserved the beautiful exposed brick and features that have stood the test of time to establish an ambiance fit for wine tasting.  

Charles manages this new casual (with a hint of class) tasting room. So far everyone has loved the velvet blue private sitting corners, the long bars that line the walls of either side of the store and the easy backdoor access to the neighboring Lapis Room art gallery. Charles's favorite part about being on this Noisy team is interacting with all the interesting travelers that come through exploring the Southwest and exchanging stories and recommendations. In his free time, Charles tracks down local live music while checking out local food and beverage establishments. He also is a big supporter of NM United, the professional soccer team based out of Albuquerque.


Read more on Charles's favorite wine and his recommendations for pairing! ⬇


2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir

strawberry • fig • blackberry


Charles's favorite wine is the 2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir and loves the unique flavors that are a bit different than a traditional Pinot Noir.  We used a wild fermentation process, meaning we kept the naturally occurring yeast on the grape during fermentation. This wine truly showcases the art that can go into making wine!

2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir

Notes of bright strawberry and blackberry are complimented with nuances of fig leaving you with a fruit forward satisfying finish.


Pairing 2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir

"I love drinking this with a good pork chop and a nice jack cheese! It's a great wine to take to a dinner party, especially if the dinner party has crowd that loves dry reds."


- Charles





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Sam Freed
August 19, 2021 | Sam Freed

Sparkling Wines Are Here!

2020 Ruidoso Bubbly



The classic favorite is finally back! We wanted to create an everyday celebration bubbly but one that was sure to be memorable for a special celebration! The Reward?, a Double Gold winning Bubbly.

Jo Mamma's Bubbly



Jo Mamma is at it again with our 2020 Jo Mamma's Bubbly! A fresh bouquet of flowers meets you at the nose, followed by vibrant flavors of peach, apple, and honey.

2020 Forbidden



Your new, go to, dry sparkling! This medium bodied 2020 Sparking Blend from our 30 plus year old Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc vines, has crisp acidity and stone fruit complexities.


All sparkling wines crafted with care on our inaugural sparking line from Noisy Water!!

Club Members Got It First!

Want first pick of our new wines and invitations to our release parties? Join the Taste of New Mexico Wine Club!

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