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Bailey Riddle
January 6, 2021 | Bailey Riddle

Wine Geek Wednesday


A Traditional Portuguese Wine With A New Mexican Twist


This bright and fresh wine pairs with fish tacos, salads and sushi and is the perfect friend to accompany you to a picnic on a beach on your Winter vacation-pretend or not! This wine reminds us of grapefruit, white melon and lemonade and is bright and refreshing.

2019 Nuevo Verde



Harvested from the unforgiving Forbidden Desert Vineyard these beautiful white grapes made this a memorable and easy to drink wine. This is a great wine to enjoy while picking up a new hobby or to just chill out with after a busy day. 

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Hannah Perry
December 16, 2020 | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


Here's Why Wine & Cheese Taste So Good Together

Ever wonder why wine and cheese taste so good together? Why they are the perfect match made in heaven? Why they make each other taste better? Well, there is actually a science (and history) behind it! Records dating back hundreds of years show us that wine and cheese have been served together for generations. It is believed among wine historians that the concept of pairing wine and cheese originated in the early winemaking days of France. 




Science tells us that pairing foods and beverages that taste similar to one another improves the experience and that the similarities compliment one another, but the opposite can also be true! The fat in cheese and the acidity in wine compliment each other because of that very fact- they are opposites! If you consume fatty or oily foods/beverages, it makes your mouth feel slick, or even slimy. If you consume astringent foods/beverages like green tea and dry wines, it makes your mouth feel rough and dry. But if you consume these different compounds together, it creates a balanced and pleasing. "mouthfeel," which refers to the way foods feel in the mouth. No wonder cheese and wine pair so perfectly!


First, The Cheese.

Noisy Favorite Cheeses

Our Favorite Cheeses pack consists of Asiago, Chimayo Jack, Feta, Romano, and of course some Green Chile Cheddar and Green Chile Garlic Jack. Create a cheese board paired with wines for for a romantic night in or as the perfect snack platter for guests!




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Next, The Wine.

2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir

The dark berry fruit flavors in Pinot Noirs pair with the. nutty flavors found in asagio or gruyere. 

2019 Moscato

Moscatos have a light sweetness to them and pair with those pungent cheeses like gorgonzola or our feta!

2018 Sauvignon Blanc

Citrus mineral flavors found in our Sauvignon Blanc bring out the nutty and creamy flavors in toast cheese or romano.

2018 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernets tend to have high tannins, so a high fat cheese like cheddar can balance that flavor out. Delicious with our Green Chile Cheddar!

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Hannah Perry
December 2, 2020 | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


How The Shape of the Glass Influences the Taste of Wine


It is True. The Taste of Wine Can Change in Different Glasses.


According to Riedel Crystal, the 260-year-old Austrian fine glassware company, a glass should be a "wine tool" designed to unlock a wine's full flavour potential, not just something to pour the wine into.


The Science Behind This Phenomenon 


The architecture of a wine glass consists of three components: The bowl. the stem and the base, all of which work together to deliver the "message" of your wine. The bowl of the glass is the key element that influences the flavor of your wine. Bowls of wine glasses can have different shapes, sizes and rim diameters; this is what can change the tasting elements of the wine, and this is how:


  • The diameter of the rim determines how much air can reach your wine, and how effectively your wine can "breathe."
  • Different sizes of glasses determines how much available space there is for your face to fit into when you tilt the glass to drink the wine. Your nose, in particular, is very important in the involvement of activating our senses.
  • The shape and size of the glass influences the direction that the wine hits your tongue and mouth, and which taste buds the wine hits first. Different tastebuds on your tongue taste different things!




Drinking red wine from a glass with a medium sized bowl is best, because this allows the wine to breathe as the exposure to oxygen allows bolder notes to come through. The wide rim also allows your nose to fit inside the glass, which is ideal for maximum immersion of the wine!

Bottle of

2019 Reserve Pinot Noir



White wines, particularly Oaked Chardonnay, is best served in a glass with a large bowl and wide rim. The size of the large bowl allows the wine to develop and avoid becoming too concentrated. The wide mouth also steers the wine to the edges of the tongue, where sour and bitter notes are tasted. This helps the toasty aroma and acidity of the wine be well balanced!


2018 Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay



Contrary to popular belief, bubbly, sparkling wine and Champaign are best served in a glass with a medium to small bowl and rim and not in a flute! The diameter of this glass allows the aroma to be released, as the narrow body of a flute doesn't allow this to happen as effectively.


Bella Rossa

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