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Sam Freed
March 5, 2021 | Sam Freed

Wine Club Release Party!

Wine Club Release of the 2018 Curtain Call

It's time for our next club member event! As a Club Member we want to invite you to our unique tasting experience of our next vintage of the dry red blend Curtain Call!

Reserve your spot and join us for a glass of the 2018 Curtain Call in our Barrel Room, plus there's even more! On top of your complimentary glass we've got a special treat! We've dug deep in our cellars and will be pulling 2014 Curtain Call out for you to try!

How it will work!

There will be 5 reservation times available beginning at 12:00pm, each limited to 6 participants.

  • 11:30pm
  • 1:00pm
  • 2:30pm
  • 4:00pm
  • 5:30pm

Reservations are first come first serve and limited to 2 people per wine club membership.


To book your time reservation, please Click Here and select your desired reservation time. **Must be logged into club account to make reservation

Need help? Just reply to this email and I am happy to help! - Sam Freed

The Wine!

36% Cabernet Franc, 8% Merlot, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Petit Verdot, 14% Mourvedre, 14% Pinot Noir


Hints of vanilla and black cherry on the nose, pitted fruit and blackberries in the middle and a bone-dry smooth finish.


Not able to make it in person? Don't worry, you'll still be able to order online on Saturday March 20th!

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Hannah Perry
March 3, 2021 | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


Great wine is made at the vineyard. The Forbidden Desert Vineyard, our vineyard in Engle is one of the oldest in New Mexico, and the vines on the land are considered "old vines." This means that these vines have adapted to a changing environment for many years, which has made them durable and reliable every season. The lifecycle of a grapevine is something we get to witness every year, and it never gets old.




During this time of year, the vines are dormant. The vines utilize this time to hunker down for the cold months and they even have a built-in coping mechanism to survive the winter. The sugars that exist in the roots of the vines act as a natural antifreeze to the plant and ensures a healthy come-back in the Spring. One of the most crucial things we do at the end of Winter is prune the vines. This helps protect against over and underproduction of grape growth.


Early Summer


The wood of the grapevine continues to ripen, turning brown and hardening. While the wood grows, and sugar levels rise, little clusters of grapes begin to appear!  These clusters will soon become berry bunches, as they keep stretching out towards the warm sun.




Each season affects that year's vintage, so every wine is different, every year! Check out some of our favorite vintages from the last few years:

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Hannah Perry
March 1, 2021 | Hannah Perry

March Newsletter


Happy March you wine lovers! The first month of Spring is here and the Earth is waking up from its long Winter nap. The month of March reminds us that new beginnings are in store, and soon we will witness the organic things around us bloom into life. This is also a great time of year to re-center and re-focus yourself while enjoying the warm sunshine. This month is all about fresh starts and new life, and we are right on time because the grapevines are about to bud after staying dormant all winter! 


This month's newsletter gives you a sneak peek into what happens behind the scenes at Noisy, and is packed full of information about featured products, events and what's to come! 


The Season Of Bud Break 

March is the month when we typically see the vines bloom into life! As the season of Spring creeps in, the weather gradually gets warmer and the Earth starts to thaw, creating perfect conditions for little baby buds to begin the early stages of a grape's life.

Preparing the vineyard for new life is like preparing your home to bring home a newborn baby! Throughout the Winter we have improved our irrigation systems, ran soil tests, tuned up our farming equipment, and are currently pruning the vines to welcome the new buds back home. Doing these things helps us have a fresh start for the growing season and also encourages the buds to grow big and strong for a healthy harvest later in the year. 




It's Bottling Season! Keep an eye out for new vintages as the wines are ready being bottled!

Wine Of The Month:

2018 Montepulciano



An explosive bouquet of sweet cherries and tobacco, round plum flavor profiles fill the glass, ending with ripe, soft tannins and a balance of complex acidic notes.


-Take 35% Off Full Cases-

& 20% Off Half Cases of Montepulciano all month long



Come hang out with us at any of the Tasting Rooms every Wednesday and get:




Sign up now to receive exclusive access to a WINE CLUB PARTY on Saturday March 20th at the Enchanted Vine Barn in Ruidoso, NM where you will get early access and a sneak peak of our new vintage 2018 Curtain Call, plus we're pulling out an old one from the library for you to try!

Reserve your spot now!

There will be 5 reservation times available beginning at 11:30am, each limited to 6 participants.


Not A Member? Join Today!


Gourmet Food of The Month:

Hatch Green Chile Butter

March is the month of new growth and starting fresh and the most common color we will see this month is GREEN. Green in the sprouting buds and green for St Patrick's Day. So get your green on with our Relleno Brothers Chile Co.'s Hatch Green Chile Butter is one of the top selling products in our store and is great on eggs, chicken, sandwiches, crackers, you name it!


What else is going on at Noisy?

  • Feel free to come see us or to call in an order for pick up!


  • If you are a local or visiting Ruidoso for Spring Break, join us at the Enchanted Vine Barn in Alto after a day on the mountain or to escape the hustle and bustle of Midtown!


  • We have our farmers and craft market is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays at Enchanted Vine, browse with a glass in hand!


  • Enchanted Vine and our tasting rooms across New Mexico are great cozy little getaways, and especially during ski season! Gather around fire pits and sip on some mulled wine or bundle up under the heated patio at our tasting rooms!


Enchanted Vine

492 Ft Stanton Rd

Alto, NM 88312

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Hannah Perry
February 26, 2021 | Hannah Perry

Team Favorites


 Featuring Jozie And Her Favorite Wine 


Today we are shining the spotlight on Jozie, who is our Venue & Event Director at the Enchanted Vine Barn. Jozie loves living in her little mountain town and frequently jogs and hikes with her fur baby Monjeau (everyone's favorite host at EV 😉). Jozie's favorite wine is Aglianico for its full body, bright taste on the palate and that hint of chocolate you get at the end! The first time she tried it she was hooked, and now regular enjoys it while sitting by the fire or cozied up on the couch. 



Jozie enjoys pairing a glass of Aglianco with a juicy steak or even just some dark chocolate. Aglianico has a rich Southern Italy heritage, and is one of the oldest grapes dating back to thousands of years ago. 

2018 Aglianico

A rich, 'big' wine, driven by the dark fruits, bold plum and robust cherry notes, explosive tannins and high acidity, leading to a surprisingly balanced finish with ever-so-subtle overtones of dark chocolate





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Hannah Perry
February 24, 2021 | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


Sweet and spicy is our new favorite flavor combination, and there is a reason behind why these contrasting elements are so enjoyable together.


Pairing flavors that taste opposite to one another improves your tasting experience and that while the flavors are different, they actually bring out the best in each other and highlight the most enjoyable and satisfying thing about each flavor (aww)! The different compounds of different flavors creates a balanced and pleasing "mouthfeel," which refers to the way foods feel in the mouth.


This sweet red wine has an inviting aroma of red berries intertwined with marshmallows and automatically make you think of chocolate covered strawberries. Milk chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla continue on the palate creating a s’more like taste that then finishes with a slight Red Chile spice that you didn't know you needed.


Amor En Fuego also pairs well with spicy foods, so break out that charcuterie board and crank up the heat with some of our favorite snacks to pair

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Hannah Perry
February 20, 2021 | Hannah Perry

Music & White Wine


Wednesday we sent you our red wine playlist, now check out our white wine playlist, blanco sips. 


A Customized Playlist For White Wine Drinkers


We thought the concept of music influencing the taste of wine was so interesting we made a custom Spotify playlist for white wine drinkers. 


Move your mind to new frames of reference. pair a sound, melody or tune and be reminded of a specific place, event or period of life. Music can heavily influence how you experience wine, mellow music makes wine taste more subtle, whereas lively music makes wine taste more dynamic.


Inspiration Behind The Playlist:


To pair music with wine, the best way is to first find commonalities in both the wine and the music. A lot of white wines have fruity, tangy, clean and crisp elements so we curated a playlist that reflected that as well. Expect to listen to songs that are lively, youthful, fresh and bubbly. 


This playlist will put you in a good mood, and you might start dancing suddenly, who knows.


White Wines We Recommend Pairing With Our Playlist

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Hannah Perry
February 17, 2021 | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


∙music & red wine


Music Influences The Taste Of Wine.


Drinking wine involves all of the senses. You assess the color of the wine, then you analyze the aromas that swirl around in the glass, then you determine how the taste and texture of the wine blends in your mouth. But did you ever think you could listen to the wine? It turns out, you can! Especially if your wine is paired with music. 




Music can move the mind to new frames of reference. This means that a single sound, melody or tune can remind us of a specific place, event or period of life. In the same token, music can heavily influence how we experience wine. Mellow music makes wine taste more subtle, whereas lively music makes wine taste more dynamic.


A Customized Playlist For Red Wine Drinkers


We thought the concept of music influencing the taste of wine was so interesting we made a custom Spotify playlist for red wine drinkers. 

Inspiration Behind The Playlist:


To pair music with wine, the best way is to first find commonalities in both the wine and the music. A lot of red wines have jammy, dark fruit, velvety and rich elements so we curated a playlist that reflected that as well. Expect to listen to songs from every decade that are powerful, robust, and moody.


This playlist will give you all the feels, and you might find yourself getting lost in the nostalgic romance of the ear-tingling electric guitar riffs.


Red Wines We Recommend Pairing With Our Playlist

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Amy Bennett
February 15, 2021 | Amy Bennett

Wine Of The Week - 2019 Reserve Pinot Noir


Well… what more needs to be said? One only has to look at the faces of the people who sample Noisy Water’s 2019 Reserve Pinot Noir to know that it’s love at first sip!

Just a few months ago (August, to be exact) we were extolling the virtues of our 2017 Reserve Pinot Noir. In that time, we sold out in time for the release of our 2019 vintage and this one is especially special for us: 30-year-old vines from our own Forbidden Desert vineyard in Engle produced the grapes that make this wine, thanks to the loving care of “Uncle Dick”, the “grape whisperer.”

2019 Reserve Pinot Noir

Proud to have accomplished the nearly impossible in New Mexico: Producing amazing Pinot Noir in one of the USA's toughest growing regions for this grape


Aged for thirteen months in toasted 100% French oak barrels, our winemaker has coaxed a fuller bodied, jammy wine with explosive cherries and dark fruit with a bold and rustic tannic finish with nuances of vanilla. Perfect for sipping around a cozy fire on a winter night, it offers promise of warm summer evenings to come and delicious lighter meals to pair with its provocative fruitiness. It’s almost TOO easy to enjoy.


Warm up with a bottle of our 2019 Reserve Pinot Noir and make memories to savor


“I would so marry Pinot. You can enjoy it at the opera, or the baseball game. It glistens in any crystal goblet but dazzles in a jelly jar. It’s exactly the kind of wine you’d bring home to mom and then sneak into your room after dinner. Before you blinked, you’d both be on the front porch (you on the swing, it in your glass) waiting for your grandkids to show up.”
— Jeff Bundschu, Gundlach Bundschu Winery

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Sam Freed
February 14, 2021 | Sam Freed

Virtual Wine Tasting Experience


Happy Valentines Day! Our virtual tasting of the 2019 La Vida Dulce is out now!

Hunker in and join winemaker's Jasper Riddle and Fabian Olvera for a Valentine's Day Virtual Tasting of our late harvest Mourvedre, the 2019 La Vida Dulce!

Don't have your bottle? Today's your last chance to get the discount and enjoy "the sweet life"!

20% off plus $1 Shipping when you buy 6 bottles or more ends today!

2019 La Vida Dulce

Sweet red wine with hints of vanilla & strawberry create a jammy nose & medium body.


Did you miss the last one? Grab your bottle of the 2018 Petite Sirah, a dry red wine that hasn't been on our menu in years and is finally back in the bottle!

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Hannah Perry
February 10, 2021 | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


∙ love gets better with age, and so does wine


 Wine is more than just fermented grape juice as true love is more than just passion. An old bottle of wine feels priceless in your hands and radiates nostalgia, so for the sake of celebrating love (and patience) this month, we wanted to share what happens in a wine bottle over the years, what wines can stand the test of time and explain how wine, just like love, can get better with age.



What happens to wine when it's aged in a bottle?


Similarly to true love, select wine takes time to develop. Some wine tastes better with age because of a complex chemical reaction occurring among sugars, acids and substances known as phenolic compounds. In time, this chemical reaction can affect the taste, color and texture of wine.


We recommend aging our Petite Sirah, Merlot and Reserve Cabernet, as these wines will benefit and change from a few years of aging. We recommend not aging for more than 5 years, as the wine will be ready to be opened after that time period. Store horizontally in a cool and dark area for optimal aging! 

Pro Tip: Purchase multiple bottles of the same wine and open one to taste immediately, age the others, then do an analysis on how the wine has aged in grace over time by opening another one every 6 months - 1 year!

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