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Hannah Perry
March 3, 2021 | Wine Geek Wednesday | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


Great wine is made at the vineyard. The Forbidden Desert Vineyard, our vineyard in Engle is one of the oldest in New Mexico, and the vines on the land are considered "old vines." This means that these vines have adapted to a changing environment for many years, which has made them durable and reliable every season. The lifecycle of a grapevine is something we get to witness every year, and it never gets old.




During this time of year, the vines are dormant. The vines utilize this time to hunker down for the cold months and they even have a built-in coping mechanism to survive the winter. The sugars that exist in the roots of the vines act as a natural antifreeze to the plant and ensures a healthy come-back in the Spring. One of the most crucial things we do at the end of Winter is prune the vines. This helps protect against over and underproduction of grape growth.


Early Summer


The wood of the grapevine continues to ripen, turning brown and hardening. While the wood grows, and sugar levels rise, little clusters of grapes begin to appear!  These clusters will soon become berry bunches, as they keep stretching out towards the warm sun.




Each season affects that year's vintage, so every wine is different, every year! Check out some of our favorite vintages from the last few years:



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