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Amy Bennett
May 10, 2021 | Wine Of The Week | Amy Bennett

Wine Of The Week - Rojo Caliente Reserve

Warmth and color… what better way to describe one of our most unusual and intriguing wines?

But first, pop quiz time: What is the official state question of New Mexico? Well, if you’ve dined in almost any Mexican restaurant—Old or New—in the state, you know the first question you’re asked after you name your meal choice is, “Red or green?” And never one to shy away from our New Mexico heritage, Noisy Water Winery offers the option in wine form!

Rojo Caliente—“Red Hot”—red chile wine is our ever-popular counterpart to our Besito Caliente green chile wine. But not content enough with our regular red blend and Chimayo red chile, our winemaker decided to ramp up the heat a little! Though the same blend, Rojo Caliente Reserve doubles down on the amount of Chimayo red chile in this specialty wine. If you enjoyed the “red hot” candies of your youth, you’ll appreciate this “kick in the glass”!

Rojo Caliente Reserve

The contents of this bottle are spicy, and guaranteed to make your guests love you or hate you! (should you be kind enough to share)


Hints of sweet berries mingle with the spicy tongue-tingling heat of red chile in this wine that pairs wonderfully with an appetizer of various cheeses or a decadent dessert that features chocolate and sweet fruit. What better way to spice up any late-spring celebrations than with this delightfully different wine? Stock up now to heat up the coming summer months!


“May is the most beautiful month of the year, a month alive with warmth and color.”
— Lillian Berliner


Notes from the Winemaker!



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