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Amy Bennett
December 14, 2020 | Wine Of The Week | Amy Bennett

Wine Of The Week - 2017 Sangiovese

A wine varietal closely identified with Italy has found a welcoming home in New Mexico’s vineyards.

Sangiovese is an Italian varietal that is typically medium-bodied and dry. Noisy Water has taken it in a lighter-bodied yet still Old World direction, with subtle nuances of oak and a finish of wild cherry. Earthy, with medium tannins and acidity, it’s a dry red wine that can carry the richness of burrata and other Italian cheeses yet complement hearty tomato-based dishes, whether served in a warm summer vineyard or on a chilly winter night.

The word “sangiovese” is believed to have come from “sanguis Jovis”, Latin for “blood of Jupiter”, the god of sky and thunder and the king of the gods in Roman mythology. The name was given to the wine by monks who lived near Monte Giove (Mount of Jupiter) in Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is the grape used primarily in blending Chianti but Noisy Water’s winemaker decided to let this varietal stand on its own.

2017 Sangiovese

This dry red adds a New Mexico taste to this staple Italian varietal.

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Striking a balance between traditionally rustic and fruit-forward, like blending a Currier and Ives Christmas with a Trans-Siberian Orchestra soundtrack, our 2017 Sangiovese is waiting for a place at your holiday table!


“Il vino fa buon sangue (good wine makes good blood)”
— Italian proverb

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