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Noisy Water Winery

Hannah Perry
February 24, 2021 | Wine Geek Wednesday | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


Sweet and spicy is our new favorite flavor combination, and there is a reason behind why these contrasting elements are so enjoyable together.


Pairing flavors that taste opposite to one another improves your tasting experience and that while the flavors are different, they actually bring out the best in each other and highlight the most enjoyable and satisfying thing about each flavor (aww)! The different compounds of different flavors creates a balanced and pleasing "mouthfeel," which refers to the way foods feel in the mouth.


This sweet red wine has an inviting aroma of red berries intertwined with marshmallows and automatically make you think of chocolate covered strawberries. Milk chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla continue on the palate creating a s’more like taste that then finishes with a slight Red Chile spice that you didn't know you needed.


Amor En Fuego also pairs well with spicy foods, so break out that charcuterie board and crank up the heat with some of our favorite snacks to pair



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