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Hannah Perry
January 13, 2021 | Hannah Perry

Wine Geek Wednesday


Did You Know Red Wine Is Actually Good For Your Health?


Scientific Research Tells Us:


  • Polyphenols, (plant compounds) found in wine, can have a significant effect on the gut microbiome which can in turn reduce cardiovascular disease risk
  • Just 1 glass of red wine can increase healthy bacteria in your digestive system, similar in the way kombucha or yogurt can.
  • The polyphenol content in wine can have a positive effect on your immune system! As good bacteria grows in your gut, your immune health will also strengthen.

A Few Of Our Favorite Immune Boosting & Heart Healthy Red Wines:

2018 Petite Sirah


Bold explosive blueberries and subtle pepper notes open to a juicy, jammy middle and vanilla finish, thanks to 15 plus months in French Oak barrels.

2018 Dolcetto


Aromas of soft toasted chocolate on the nose, followed by figs, prunes, and berries in the middle, finishing smoky and smooth.


For those not quite ready for the dry reds, you can still get the benefit from this tannic sweet red!

2019 Deviance


Sweet strawberries and cherries with nuances of vanilla, tobacco, and smoke. Complexly sweet, with a perfectly balanced finish



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