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Sam Freed
August 20, 2021 | Sam Freed

Team Favorites



 Featuring Charles and His Current Favorite Wine 


Charles has taken our brand new NWW location under his wing in Old Town Albuquerque, NM and it is officially open! This tasting room has been an ongoing project for quite a while and now we get to watch it shine.✨The new location occupies the building formerly known as the Basket Shop in the Don Luis Plaza. History is around every corner and that is one of the things we love about this plaza which was built in 1893! We've preserved the beautiful exposed brick and features that have stood the test of time to establish an ambiance fit for wine tasting.  

Charles manages this new casual (with a hint of class) tasting room. So far everyone has loved the velvet blue private sitting corners, the long bars that line the walls of either side of the store and the easy backdoor access to the neighboring Lapis Room art gallery. Charles's favorite part about being on this Noisy team is interacting with all the interesting travelers that come through exploring the Southwest and exchanging stories and recommendations. In his free time, Charles tracks down local live music while checking out local food and beverage establishments. He also is a big supporter of NM United, the professional soccer team based out of Albuquerque.


Read more on Charles's favorite wine and his recommendations for pairing! ⬇


2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir

strawberry • fig • blackberry


Charles's favorite wine is the 2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir and loves the unique flavors that are a bit different than a traditional Pinot Noir.  We used a wild fermentation process, meaning we kept the naturally occurring yeast on the grape during fermentation. This wine truly showcases the art that can go into making wine!

2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir

Notes of bright strawberry and blackberry are complimented with nuances of fig leaving you with a fruit forward satisfying finish.


Pairing 2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir

"I love drinking this with a good pork chop and a nice jack cheese! It's a great wine to take to a dinner party, especially if the dinner party has crowd that loves dry reds."


- Charles







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