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Sam Freed
August 6, 2021 | Team Favorites | Sam Freed

Team Favorites


Featuring Allysea and Her Current Favorite Wine 

Allysea is approaching her two year mark of being part of the Noisy Fam as a winetender in our Ruidoso tasting room, located right on the Midtown strip where all the hustle and bustle happens. Her favorite part about being on the Noisy team is getting to work with friends everyday and in her freetime enjoys watching the horse races at our famous track.


Read more on Allysea's favorite wine and her recommendations for pairing! ⬇



orange blossom ∙ green grape ∙ sweet peach

Allysea's current favorite wine is the 2020 Moscato. This lively sweet white wine is smooth and easy to drink, teasing the taste buds with a subtle surprise of bright fruit! 

2020 Moscato

This deliciously refreshing sweet wine is something everyone can love and pairs with almost any occasion. 


Pairing 2020 Moscato:

"I love drinking this with our Mango Habanero Gouda! The sweet with heat combo is delicious! I also love having this on hand when I have guests or friends over, a wine everyone always enjoys!"


- Allysea 







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