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Noisy Water Winery

Bailey Riddle
April 16, 2019 | Vineyard | Bailey Riddle

New Vineyard in Engle, NM

We have big news...

We're taking on a not-so-new vineyard!

Noisy Water Winery is taking over one of the oldest vineyards in New Mexico in a small town just outside of Truth or Consequences called Engle.  This old vineyard is filled with acres of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc, and the biggest, baddest Cabernet Sauvignon vines you've ever seen! 

We're already in the process of pruning, implementing more sustainable water practices, and planting seeds to create a more biodynamic vineyard environment.

If you haven't already guessed, the man on the right is Jasper's uncle, Richard. Uncle Richard has over 40 years of experience in farming and will be taking over vineyard management... or, as he likes to tell us, he'll be "out standing in his field"... Get it?
If you'd like to stay up on the progress we are making and see some awesome footage of the vineyard as we go through the process of bringing life back to this vineyard, subscribe to our new YouTube channel!
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