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Noisy Water Winery

Sam Freed
December 23, 2020 | Sam Freed

Interactive Wine Tasting With The Winemakers!


Enjoy an interactive wine tasting with the winemakers as they guide you through a sensory analysis and scoring of the 2019 Double Barrel Reserve Chardonnay!

The Wine!

Winemaker's Notes:

Fruit from 30 year old vines fermented in oak, then aged in oak to exhibit the beauty of the fruit, and its ability to become one with the oak.



A balanced buttery and vanilla finish leaves an aftertaste as bold and resilient as the vines it came from

Wine Specs


VARIETAL Chardonnay

APPELLATION Forbidden Desert Vineyard, Engle NM

HARVEST DATE 8/21/2019

SUGAR 23 Brix at Harvest

AGING Stainless Steel / Barrel Exposure- This was aged in French oak barrels with additional Oak Staves on finish, "Double Barrel" amounts of oak in Chardonnay. A true big Oaked Chardonnay.





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