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Jornada del Muerto, or Journey of the Dead Man, is a dry desert basin in New Mexico where the Forbidden Desert Vineyard resides (one of the oldest vineyards in the state). Some of the best grapes in the world are harvested here, and we are proud to say this vineyard is owned and operated by Noisy Water Winery.

The area remains uninhabited and undeveloped to this day, except for our patch of grape vines that produce unexpectedly abundant and healthy harvests even in the harsh heat and dryness.

We are 5th generation farmers and winemaking is in our blood, so you can expect that each grape is nurtured and loved. Our goal is for you to be able to taste the dedication in our wine! These wines are all derived from 100% grapes harvested here. Explore all the variations and surprises that the Forbidden Desert Vineyard has in store for you!

2019 Nuevo Nouveau 
2019 Nuevo Verde
2019 Pinot Noir Rosé
2019 Skin-Fermented Chardonnay
2019 Skin-Fermented Chenin Blanc
2019 Wild Ferment Old Vine Pinot Noir

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